Insurance Defense


Personal Injury Defense and Prosecution


Product Liability Defense and Prosecution


Professional Liability Defense and Prosecution


Ronald C. Gardner

Representation in the prosecution and defense of civil cases.


Gary A. Trabolsi

Dedicated to the prosecution and defense of all damage claims.


David D. Mordekhov

Personal Injury, product liability, premises liability, and toxic tort.

Gardner Trabolsi & Mordekhov is a law firm dedicated to your defense and prosecution needs...

Personal Injury


Personal injury includes injuries to the body, mind or emotions caused by another person's negligence.

Product Liability


Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products available to the public are held responsible for personal injuries.

Professional Liability


Professionals who provide advice and services may be liable if they failed to perform a service that resulted in financial loss.

Insurance Defense


Major insurance companies provide representation to their policyholders best interest in simple and complex matters.